Saturday, May 9, 2009

Mall of Asia 05092009

Last May 9, 2009 We went to Mall of Asia to experience the amazing fireworks display at exactly 7:00 pm. There are so many people watching this show in every Friday and Saturday. we choose to go at MOA "Mall of Asia" for fun and to play the my son at the playground. the crowd is great. there are plenty of snacks around.

This One They called WOW ball:
wowball is a game or a rides here in MOA "Mall of Asia" and the mechnics is this. The ball must inflated by air then the small children going inside and play. while the ball is floating on the small pool.

There are also a fountain dancing with the sound track of tatanic. hehehe I wonder why?

If you want a good taste of sea foods but face the consequence its too expensive.

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