Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Estrellas de Mendoza Playa Resort

Have a glimpse of  Estrellas de Mendoza Playa Resort warmly welcomes you to its Mediterranean - inspired beach front paradise hotel. Doze off in one of its 85 fully-furnished Superior rooms and feel at home with its 16 Cabanas complete with amenities and spacious floor plan.

In the center lies its crowning glory, 800 sqm. state -of-the-art infinity pool, a wonderful landscape of ocean blue waters boundlessly flowing, taking your bathing experience to the next level.

Right next to it defines EMPR as a perfect family vacation spot. A kiddie wading pool and an outdoor jacuzzi built for your children's safety and enjoyous experience.

Sola Luna Resort Inc., owner of EMPR, offers all these and more as it lives by its vision and mission of sharing the excellent beauty of nature and providing people moments of pure recreation.

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