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Blood type diet

The blood type diet is currently a favorite diet among celebrities (the likes of Cheryl Cole, Sir Cliff Richard, Courtney Cox and Demi Moore) as it does not only result to weight loss but also promotes a longer life span, according to its creator.
Developed by Dr. Peter J. D’Adamo, a neuropathic physician, the blood type diet works on the premise that our blood type reflects our internal chemistry and determines the way our bodies absorb nutrients. According to Dr. D’adamo, a chemical reaction occurs between our blood and food we eat. This reaction is caused by a factor called Lectin – a type of protein found in food with agglutinating properties that can affect our blood. If we eat food with lectins that are incompatible with our blood type antigen, the lectins may target an organ or body system and may begin to agglutinate in the said area. Luckily, lectins are not life threatening and 95% of them are absorbed and sloughed off by the body.
What are the different blood types and what are the compatible and non-compatible with each type?
Blood group A – Vegetarian Diet
According to the blood type diet, people belonging to the blood group A are“cultivators”, ”herbivores” or agrarians“. People of this blood type have low stomach-acid content, therefore they have a hard time digesting meat and dairy products. Eliminating red meat will also eliminate toxic foods in the body.  Dairy products, kidney beans and lima beans are not recommended, so it’s important to consume nuts, seeds and tofu for sources of protein.
If you belong to this blood group, your body will benefit most from the consumption of vegetables, seafood, tofu, beans, grains, legumes and fruits. Vegetables will be the main source of minerals, enzymes and antioxidants. Type A’s are also very sensitive to the lectins in potatoes, sweet potatoes, yams, cabbage, tomatoes and peppers. They should eat more alkaline fruits and avoid mangoes, papayas and oranges since they are not good for the digestive tract. For optimal weight loss, vegetable, pineapples, vegetable oil and soy foods are recommended.
Blood group B – Balanced Diet
People belonging to the blood group B have strong immune and digestive systems and should therefore, eat a balance diet which includes a wide variety of foods, from meat to vegetables. Blood group B people, according to Dr. D’adamo are not as susceptible to diseases as the other groups are and will live long, healthy lives without any complications.
People of this blood type easily gain weight with corn, buckwheat, lentils, peanuts and sesame seeds. Lectins in these foods affect the efficiency of the metabolic process that can result to fatigue, fluid retention and hypoglycemia. Remove chicken from your diet if you are a type B as it contains a lectin that agglutinates in the muscle tissue, attacking the bloodstream and could potentially lead to strokes and immune disorders. Type B’s thrive on deep ocean fish, but should avoid all shellfish since they contain lectins that are harmful to Type B.
They can enjoy dairy products but should stay away from most nuts, seeds  and wheat because they contain lectins that interfere with Type B insulin production. It is also very important to eliminate tomatoes completely from the Type B Diet as tomatoes contain lectin that can irritate the stomach lining.
Blood group B diet consists of meat, dairy products, beans, grains, legumes, fruits and vegetables. Foods recommended for weight loss are eggs, greens, liver and tea.
Blood group AB – Mixed Diet
This blood type  have most of the benefits and intolerances of types A and B. People in this group should eat foods in between blood type A and blood type B. Just like  the Blood type A, blood group AB people cannot metabolize meat efficiently because of the low acid production of their stomachs so it is crucial to watch the portion and frequency. Chicken should also be avoided. Type AB’s have a weaker immune system so they will benefit from a diet high on vegetables and fruits with lots of antioxidants.
Tofu, beans, legumes and grains are excellent protein supplement for this group. Usually, Types AB can tolerate dairy foods, but too much of it can irritate the stomach. Type AB’s should wake up and drink a warm glass of water with the freshly squeezed juice of half a lemon to cleanse the system of mucus while sleeping.
Food recommended for weight loss are seafood, dairy, greens, tofu and pineapples.
Blood Group O – High Protein Diet
People on this blood type have a hardy digestive system and are believed to benefit most from a high-meat diet. They are allowed to eat meat, fish, vegetables and fruits. Wheat products are limited on this diet as they contain lectins that interfere with insulin efficiency. People on this blood type are prone to thyroid problems so avoid thyroid hormones-inhibiting food such as cabbage, brussel sprouts, cauliflower, and mustard greens.
Those in this group, should stick to Vitamin K-enriched vegetables and fruits of alkaline nature such as berries and plums. Dairy products should also be avoided.
Although celebrities vouch for this diet, dietitians, physicians, and scientists dispute that the Blood Type Diet theory is unsupported by scientific evidence, hence the effectivity of this diet is not properly proved as well.
As with any diet, ask you doctor first. You body built may be able to tolerate following the restrictions on this type of diet.
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Bicycle Sharing Launched in Pasig City

 Pasig City now hosts a Tutubi bicycle-sharing station which was launched in partnership with the Asian Development Bank and Clean Air Asia.

30 September 2013, Pasig City -- Residents of Pasig will soon be pedaling dragonflies around the city. Tutubi (or dragonfly) is a metaphor for the way people will fly around the city on the proposed future city-wide bicycle sharing network. Bicycle sharing is a network of stations where a person can pick up a bicycle at one station, use it and drop it off at any other station in the network. It is a system that allows the public short-term access to bicycles as a transportation option for practically free.

The Tutubi bike-sharing system is the first of its kind in the Philippines. It is a demonstration project launched by the Asian Development Bank, funded by the Japanese Fund for Poverty Reduction (JFPR) and managed by Clean Air Asia. The demonstration project was introduced by Mayor Maribel Eusebio in Pasig City today during the flag-raising ceremony. “We are thankful to the ADB and the Japanese government for selecting our city as a pilot area because this project will complement our different non-motorized transport initiatives such as our Bike to Work Loan Program for city hall and barangay employees,” says Mayor Eusebio who is also an avid cyclist.
Mayor Eusebio of Pasig City recognized the support of the Asian Development Bank and Clean Air Asia during the launching ceremony.
The Asian Development Bank promotes bicycle sharing through its Sustainable Transport Initiative. Both the Asian Development Bank and Clean Air Asia have worked in partnership with Pasig City to launch a number of sustainable transport initiatives including the car free sundays. The bicycle-sharing system demonstration project will be complemented by the Ortigas Greenways project in creating a more sustainable and walkable Pasig City.
Pasig City, the host city for this bike sharing program, has launched a Green City Program in 2007 and has since initiated various efforts to promote eco-mobility such as passing a city ordinance allowing bike plans (instead of car plans) as a benefit for city and barangay employees and closing off three public roads (F. Ortigas, Jr. Avenue in Ortigas Center, Caruncho Avenue near Pasig City Hall and MRR Road along the Pasig River) every Sunday to give space for children to play and cycle. “To succeed in promoting bicycles as an alternative mode of transportation, people’s participation must be secured through leadership by example and provision of incentives,” says Mayor Eusebio.
Clean Air Asia ( promotes better air quality and livable cities by translating knowledge to policies and actions that reduce air pollution and greenhouse emissions from transport, energy, and other sectors. To request additional information, please send an email

 Mayor Maribel Eusebio of Pasig City and the Tutubi bicycle-sharing station in the Pasig City Hall.

The demonstration project in Pasig City will start with one station. The station has a terminal which resembles an ATM and 10 bicycles with docks that secures them when they are not in use. The station is located at the Pasig City Hall and the bikes are only accessed by a card system available initially to city hall employees.

Bike sharing systems have become an affordable, sustainable and fashionable means of mobility that has seen tremendous growth in cities throughout the world. The tipping point of bike-sharing systems happened in Paris (Vélib’) and Hangzhou, China (Hangzhou Public Bicycle), with 20,000 and 66,500 bikes respectively. Now there are over 500 systems in every region around the world.

The application of technology allows users to swipe a card to unlock a bicycle and to ride the bike from one station to another for free amount of time usually 30min to 1hr. The technology as well as a deposit mechanism ensures the system is secure against theft.

The Tutubi bikes may only be used via access cards that will be distributed initially to city employees only. “Bicycle-sharing is recognized by cities as a means of travelling on short trips that are too long to walk, and a way to close the gaps between public transport and a commuter’s final destination – otherwise known as the last-mile issue,” says Chee-Anne Roño, Program Officer of Clean Air Asia. The bike-sharing demonstration project in Pasig City, which is expected to last for three months, aims to make the Tutubi bikes a familiar and accessible means of mobility to the city’s employees. “There is no doubt that introducing a bike-sharing system in Metro Manila could be challenging,” added Roño. “The main obstacle to the success lies in the mindset of people, where certain stigma against cycling remain entrenched, ranging from perceived dangers in cycle commuting to belief that cycling is only for the poor. But we have seen steady growth of bike commuters around the metro in the past years and this is encouraging.”

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Kobe steals all of Jordan moves

CHARLOTTE, N.C. — NBA legend Michael Jordan believes he could beat LeBron James in a one-on-one basketball game when he was in his prime. He's not sure about Kobe Bryant. In a video promoting the NBA 2K14 video game that was released Tuesday (Wednesday, Manila time), Jordan said there's a long list of players he would've liked to have played one-on-one — Jerry West, Elgin Baylor, Julius Erving, Carmelo Anthony, Dwyane Wade, Bryant and James, who dons the cover of this year's game. "I don't think I would lose," Jordan said in the video, before smiling and adding, "Other than to Kobe Bryant because he steals all of my moves."

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leap Motion by HP

In the next upcoming months for sure we will see more manufacturers integrating this technology a very portable device and can do the stuffs that you want much better. if you’re interested to more about the Leap Motion Technology feel free to visit their Official Website here and for developers you can also check their API’s

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28 Rules for Fathers of Sons

28 Rules for Fathers of Sons

1. Love his Mother. He will learn to love like you love, and hate like you hate. So choose love for both of you. Devote yourself to it. Love with your whole heart and express that love each and every day. Then, someday down the road, you will see the way he loves his own wife, and know that you played a part in that.

2. Let him drive. Every child remembers the first time they drove on daddy’s lap. For that one moment, he will believe that he is just. like. you.

3. Teach him to be picky. Especially when it comes to women and burgers. Teach him to never settle.

4. Take him to a ball game. There is something about sharing a day of hot dogs, sunshine and baseball with your father.

5. Love with Bravery. Boys have this preconceived notion that they have to be tough. When he is young, he will express his love fully and innocently. As he grows, he will hide his feelings and wipe off kisses. Teach him to be a man who rubs them in instead. It takes courage for a man to show love: teach him to be courageous.

6. Talk about sex. Sometimes, boys need to know that all men are created equal.

7. Teach him to be a man’s man. Show him how to be brave and tough around the guys. Then, remind him on the ride home that it is okay to cry.

8. Share secrets together. Communicate. Talk. Talk about anything. Let him tell you about girls, friends, school. Listen. Ask questions. Share dreams, hopes, concerns. He is not only your son, you are not only his father. Be his friend too.

9. Teach him manners. Because sometimes you have to be his father, not just his friend. The world is a happier place when made up of polite words and smiles.

10. Teach him when to stand-up and when to walk away. He should know that he doesn’t have to throw punches to prove he is right. He may not always be right. Make sure he knows how to demand respect- he is worthy of it. It does not mean he has to fight back with fists or words, because sometimes you say more with silence.

11. Teach him to choose his battles. Make sure he knows which battles are worth fighting- like for family or his favorite baseball team. Remind him that people can be mean and nasty because of jealousy, or other personal reasons. Help him to understand when to shut his mouth and walk-away. Teach him to be the bigger better person.

12. Let him dance in tighty whiteys. Dance alongside him in yours. Teach him that there are moments when it is okay to be absolutely ridiculous.

13. Share music. Introduce him to the classics and learn the words to the not-so-classics. Create a rock band with wooden instruments, share your earphones, and blast Pink Floyd in the car. Create a soundtrack to your lives together.

14. Let him win. Sometimes he needs to know that big things are possible.

15. Teach him about family. Let him know family is always worth fighting for. Family is always worth standing up for. At the end of the day, he has you to fall back on, and pray to God that you will have him.

16. Father him. Being a father—to him—is undoubtedly one of your greatest accomplishments. Share with him the joys of fatherhood, so one day he will want to be a father too. Remind him over and over again with words and kisses that no one will ever love him like you love him.

17. Listen to him now. If you don’t listen to the little things now, he won’t share the big things later.

18. Let him try on your shoes. Even if they are old and smelly. Let him slip his little feet in and watch him as he hopes like hell that someday he can fill them. He will fill them.

19. Give him bear hugs. The kind that squeezes his insides and make him giggle. The kind of hug only a daddy can give.

20. Give him baths. Because Mom can’t do everything damnit.

21. Teach him how to pee standing up. Let him pee outside- such is the joy of being a man. Mom cannot teach this talent, so someone has to.

22. Know the answers. He will assume you do. If you don’t know them, pretend you do and look them up later.

23. Toss him around. Because little boys love seeing the strength of their father. Throw him up in the air, so that he knows you will always be there to catch him on his way down.

24. Ask his mother. He will come to you with questions that he won’t always want to ask his mother, about girls and about love. Ask her anyway, she will know the answers.

25. Love him like you would love a daughter. Little girls are not the only ones who need hugs and kisses. Love is the color yellow of emotions. It is both happy and gender neutral.

26. Grow a big belly. Because every child should get the chance to rest their head on the absolute softest pillow ever. Daddy’s belly is the best place to land.

27. Don’t say, do. American inventor Charles F. Kettering once said, “every father should remember that one day his son will follow his example instead of his advice.” Be a good one.

28. Be his hero. You are anyway. To him, you have the strength of Batman, the speed of Spiderman and the brain of Ironman. Don’t disappointment. Prove to him that Daddy’s are the biggest heroes of all. Only Daddy’s can save the day.

After all, good fathers make good sons.

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SonDoong Cave, Vietnam

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Plunge Manila at The Manila Ocean Park

Ripple Production brings you :PLUNGE MANILA The First Pool Beer Pong Party in the Metro! Dive into and experience free-flowing drinks and gulp down as beer-drinking games come your way on August 23, 2013, 7pm, at Liquid Pool & Lounge, Manila Ocean Park.


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 This event is for the benefit of Jaime Hilario Integrated School in Bagac, Bataan and Mighty Minds Foundation

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VIDEO | Michelle Rodriguez, ‘Fast & Furious’ co-star arrive in Manila for premiere

“Fast & Furious 6″ actress Michelle Rodriguez and co-star Luke Evans arrived in Manila on Tuesday aboard a private plane from Hong Kong. Rodriguez thrilled airport personnel and the media when she ran towards them upon touching down at the Ninoy Aquino International Airport. This was the second time that News5 interviewed the Hollywood actress this year. In January, we spotted her arriving at the NAIA terminal 1 en route to a vacation at the Amanpulo resort in Palawan. This time around, she said she was excited to check out the nightlife in Manila. Along with lead star Vin Diesel, who arrived on Monday night, Rodriguez and Evans are in town to grace the Asian premiere of “Fast & Furious 6″ at the SM Mall of Asia on Wednesday. On Tuesday afternoon, Diesel was spotted walking around Bonifacio High Street in Taguig City.

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Manila MTB Banaue to sagada

Sagada is a fifth class municipality in the province of Mountain Province, Philippines. According to the 2010 census, it has a population of 11,244 people. It is located 275 kilometres (171 mi) north of Manila (taking at least 12 to 15 hours by bus), 140 kilometres (87 mi) from Baguio, and it is adjacent to Bontoc, the provincial capital. Sagada is famous for its hanging coffins. This is a traditional way of burying people that is still utilized. Not everyone is qualified to be buried this way; among other things, one had to have been married and had grandchildren. Popular activities include trekking, exploring both caves and waterfalls, spelunking, bonfires, picnics, rappelling, visiting historical sites, nature hikes, and participating in tribal celebrations. Guides can be found upon registration at the tourist-office in Sagada Proper (the main town) for a small fee.

This is Lem the figther
view of mountain provinces, Philippines
This is Master bob fixing his mt. bike

Registration and resevation of ticket going back to manila
Some of the Visitor
Anthony "wally"
My Bike

First stop here in sari sari store in banaue Mountain Province, Philippines
Some Photos of native Ifugao people

My cross country mt. bike
Native people of Banaue

Group Shot with terraces the the background

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Hot Summer Party