Tuesday, September 23, 2014

NEWS: Student died, after falling into enclosure inside zoo

NEW Delhi, India – A 22-year-old student died in the most horrific way when he fell into an enclosure and was attacked by a white tiger inside a Delhi zoo in India.

The terrible incident reportedly happened on Tuesday, September 23 around 1:30 pm when the tiger enclosure the young man was leaning over gave in and fell inside. But other witnesses said the student jumped over the fence deliberately.

The victim was only identified as Himanshu, a class 12 student, but no other details about his identity or why he was inside the zoo were available as of report time.

Eyewitnesses told the media the tiger dragged the victim by his neck and mauled him. The young man was locked in the animals jaw and struggled in pain for nearly 15 minutes before the police arrived at the scene.

But even the police could not do anything to save the victim, reports said. People who witnessed the gruesome animal attack said no one came to help the boy. They only succeeded to scare the tiger away into a nearby cage several minutes later. But the suffering young man died moments later.

In another report, National Zoological Park spokesman Riyaz Ahmed Khan said the victim, who is believed to be taking pictures, failed to heed warning not to get too close to the enclosure and is believed to have eventually climbed over the knee-high fence.

He then jumped down into the protective moat where the tiger grabbed him by his neck.

“The tiger didn’t attack him at first. He attacked when the man threw stones at him. The tiger then attacked him. The man tried to run away,” one of the witnesses, Bittu, said.

Some people also tried to throw stones and sticks at the animal to drive it away, to no avail.

A wild animal conservation and protection agency worker said despite the victim’s death, the tiger cannot be blamed for the bloody attack.

“The tiger was just being a tiger. An unusual object fell into his domain,” said Belinda Wright. “He’s a wild animal in captivity. It is certainly not the tiger’s fault.”

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