Monday, December 21, 2015

December Singapore trip

This blog about travel in Singapore is all about what I experience from manila to changi airport so if you are planing to travel this blog might be a good help to you. plan ahead of time.

"Failing to plan is 

 Planning to fail"


December 21, 2015


We are a head of time going to the airport because of heavy traffic.

1:00 pm at least we had a spare time. 
2:00 from manila to airport NAIA
2:30 travel tax 1.600 php. If you have overseas filipino worker a member of the family is discounted just present a document click here for more information.
5:40 check in and departure and were off.


9:40  Expected time of arrival at changi airport

10:00 Dinner
10:15 MRT from changi to city hall then transfer to cityhall to sembawang using a light sky train and transfer
12:00 lights out


December 22, 2015 tuesday

8:00 breakfast at food fair

9:00 grocery at fair price and watson
11:00 preaparing to go in yishun to visit our friend


December 23, 2015 Wednesday

Insadong Korea Town

Insadong Korea Town, the first in Singapore, specialising in Korean food, has arrived at Resorts World Sentosa! Spanning 6,000 square feet, with a capacity of over 300 diners, Insadong Korea Town lets you savour authentic Korean food in traditional setting. Enjoy an assortment of over 200 types of authentic Korean, Korean-Chinese, Korean-Western, Korean-Japanese cuisine and a variety of street food. Expect the best of Korean cuisine with a team of experienced Korean chefs and food supplies air flown from Korea.

Battle star Galactica 

Battle star Galactica

Battlestar Galactica: Human vs. Cylon is a pair of steel, dueling roller coasters at Universal Studios Singapore. One of the coasters is an inverted roller coaster track in blue, and the other half is a traditional seated roller coaster in red. 

8:00 wake up call going to universal studio


December 23, 2015 Wednesday

One that I observed is that the escalator here so fast, and if you are on the right side it is a fast lane you need to move while the left side if you want to stay. 

 The Marina Bay financial center tower3


December 24, 2015 Thursday

Laundry day


December 25, 2015 Friday

Orchard Singapore  most of the tourist went here for the Christmas event and street performer  DAY 6

December 26, 2015 Saturday

1:00 pm Swimming at Jurong East End  of The red Line MRT


December 27, 2015 Sunday

Sleep All day



December 28, 2015 Monday
 Din Tai fung

8:00 pm Dinner at Din Tai Fung Then Coffee after

Laundry day

Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Hongkong 2015

wan chai hong kong

Saturday, October 3, 2015

Dream Play City of dreams

Thursday, September 17, 2015

experience singapore

What: Manila to Singapore
When: August 4 to 30, 2015
Where: I stay at Vacanza @ East